Coaching Client Testimonials

“Sessions with Percy helped me get a deeper understanding of my personal and professional goals for the future and I recommend his sessions for budding and future entrepreneurs.”

- Entrepreneur

“I went through life coaching sessions with Mr. Percy Vaid. I shared my life issues, challenges and beliefs which hindered my growth over the years. He helped me identify the root causes and a way forward by enabling me to resolve these issues myself.
He is truly a master and his coaching methods are incredible.”

- Team Manager

“Percy is a very passionate professional. He has good understanding of organizational dynamics and that adds to his credentials of adding value in his coaching assignments. He was very meticulous in his approach and was able to help me identify top three areas on which I can work to scale up my business.”

- Sales Consultant

“I underwent wonderful sessions with Percy and it was the right time when we got connected. He is an amazing coach who helped me get the best out of me. I had my personal challenges which were affecting my business decisions . I would like to thank him for helping me understand the true meaning of life.”

- Entrepreneur