Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership is being your true self, living your strengths in the work you do. By being yourself and aligning your abilities with your interests, you develop an edge that enables consistent performance, a sense of satisfaction, and an inner drive to excel.

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Inner Leadership is a state of being, wherein individuals choose to recognize their strengths and leverage these to achieve desired results to overcome challenges in the external environment. It’s a mindset, where an individual’s values are in sync with the work they do, enabling them to look beyond their limitations and focus on the possibilities that can transform their career and lives. An alignment of strengths, values, and external environment creates confidence within individuals to freely communicate who they are with others and get due recognition for the impact they create through their contributions.


Percy helps Entrepreneurs, Professionals, CXOs, Board Members, and Senior Leaders, awaken their true authentic selves and broaden their horizons beyond the normal world of business.

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Executive Coaching

Coaching is the process of transformation wherein leaders overcome their challenges and get into a learning mode. Here opportunities for self-development get realized and these learnings drive positive and sustainable change, which are visible in organizational results. 

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By using, probing and active listening, Percy helps clients get on an interesting journey of self-exploration and sharing their thoughts. This gets coachees to experience deep changes, achieve excellent results, and helps in getting them to try new things. By using deep conversational techniques, he gets coachees to talk about their values and how these influence their quality of life. A deep realization that this brings about gets them to understand the need for change and results in a free flow of inspiration. Percy’s coaching approach ensures that the mental threshold of resistance is breached, and the coachee uses self-motivation and enlightened self-interest to drive personal change and a deep transformation within.

Inner Knowing Realisation

Inner Knowing helps one connect with their authentic purpose. This realization helps coachees build a deeper level of awareness of one’s emotions, feelings, and thoughts at a subconscious level.

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The rational mind is used for planning, problem-solving, analysis, and decision-making. There is another intelligence that works in the background that revolves around awareness of one’s emotions, feelings, and thoughts at a subconscious level. Most people are unaware of this and only get in touch with it by accident or during suffering, coping with loss. It is in times of crisis that people tend to question things in their lives and then start the process of introspection and searching for the truth. It’s this knowledge of our inner exploration, of who we are within, that unbounds openness, joy, and gratitude. It is a creative space for curiosity to abound and a seeking of answers to questions that logic can’t always provide answers to.


Percy helps coachees reach an inner level of knowing, which helps them understand their true life purpose and results in experiencing a more fulfilling and satisfying existence. 

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

A life coach is someone who helps you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results. They are like a supportive friend and a trusted adviser rolled into one.

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A Life coach asks pertinent questions, communicates effectively, and gets to the heart of your needs and desires in life. As a life coach, Percy, uses real-world techniques, to help coachees win in life through a sense of gratitude, trust, and confidence. This leads to a transformation, helping you live a life of openness, integrity, and transparency.

Personal Branding

A personal brand is how others perceive you. It’s a narrative of who you are, what you stand for, and your life’s purpose.

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A personal brand helps others understand you better. The way to build a personal brand is to build small conversational narratives around your past life experiences that highlight situations you encountered, challenges faced, actions taken and the resultant impact. Sharing these on appropriate forums, helps others know you better and project you as a brand.    


Percy Vaid assists professionals and leaders, in building their personal brand by experiencing the benefits of being authentic, following their true purpose, using their strengths, and being in touch with their value system. 

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