Do You Want To Set A New Year Resolution With Our Accountability Program 2022?

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Percy Vaid

Planning is nothing without execution

Like every year you may have made plans to make the coming year, the best one of your life. Has this year turned out the way you planned it?

My name is Percy and every year I coach passionate and purpose driven people. I have found that most people face similar challenges and some of these could be your bugbear too.  

With this insight, I started doing thorough research and have identified coaching techniques, to help you execute your plans and achieve related goals. Now if you are here you would definitely want to know the solution.

I am going to partner with just 12 coachees for the coming year and help them achieve their goals for 2022. Please note that seats are limited, the entire process is very hectic and I will be your accountability partner for the next year.

We will work together to understand your goals, aspirations, plans and I will personally work to enable you to fulfill your aspirations, achieve your goals, by supporting you every step of the way.

Nothing great comes for free, but yes before investing ourselves on this journey, let’s have a quick call where we understand each other and discuss more about this program.

Ultimately, your success is my success

Who should take this up?


Maximize your full potential and reach your desired results.


Clear blind spots and cope with the changing business landscape

Senior Corporate Leaders

Overcome self-limiting beliefs, gain a clear perspective of different contextual situations and improve overall personal effectiveness


Experience deep changes in mindset, achieve excellent results and develop new paradigms of thinking


Uncover hidden potential, gain critical insights for self development and enhanced personal branding

Decision Makers

Develop increased self-awareness allowing for greater leveraging of personal strengths for superior professional and personal productivity


Win in life through a sense of gratitude, trust and confidence.

Percy Vaid - Executive Life Coach in India

Two decades of professional experience

Percy helps professionals and organizations to improve performance and productivity through Professional Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Succession Planning, CEO Coaching.






Persons Mentored

Your 12 Months Engagement Plan

Types of Goals that you can achieve

1. Financial Goals

2. Career Goals

3. Personal Development Goals

4. Relationship Goals

5. Spiritual Goals

Techniques I Use

Positive Psychology

A branch of psychology focused on character strengths and behaviors that allow individuals to build a life of meaning and purpose—to move beyond surviving to flourishing.


Hypnotherapy techniques help in overcoming personal challenges and enable adults to learn and develop new thinking patterns, subconsciously. These patterns result in subtle changes in behavior and enhance personal effectiveness.

Theory U

It is an intuitive process of opening your heart, mind, and will, to let new ideas, thoughts of the future emerge. It enables one to embrace these emerging ideas.

Awareness, Clarity and Consciousness Model

Transformational conversations involved in coaching, revolve around getting the coachee to dip inwards, introspect and gain clarity on their current state of being.

Strengths-Based Philosophy

This approach in coaching helps the coachee gain a deep understanding of their strengths and application of these to attain their desired state of being. 

Contrarian Coaching

Contrarian coaching helps coachees overcome their fears, blind spots and become better human beings. The result is a transformation of their true selves.

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