How do you go from good to great?

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Working with an Executive Coach has become commonplace in today’s professional world. For many people, in the corporate world, the main question is how do you go from good to great? Particularly for those in business and leadership roles.

Executive Coach Vs Life Coach 

While both coaches provide services to assist clients to reach their full potential, an executive coach focuses on professional and personal growth.

The most common clients of an executive coach are persons who have positions of leadership in a company or organisation and have formal or informal authority over the people they supervise, manage, or lead. They can be people in positions of leadership or business owners or operators.

These individuals seek the advice of a coach to assist them in making the best decisions, receiving an expert evaluation, and learning leadership methods for their professional or corporate success.

Life coaches, on the other hand, assist customers in achieving their personal objectives. They assist one in going from good to great. 

 How Executive Coaching helps you go from good to great?

An executive coach will make you re-evaluate your vision and current position in life. They will make you ponder major questions. Some themes/questions would be-

  • Doing something you really enjoy

Do you jump or groan out of bed every morning? Do you know what motivates and demotivates you? When do you think you’re at your sharpest? Is your SWOT assisting you in doing what you enjoy the most? And assist you in avoiding, delegating, or outsourcing what you don’t like? Or otherwise, you’ll never be excellent at it? Perhaps you’ve reached one of life’s “forks in the road” and want to ensure a better position that fully utilises your strengths?

  • Having a Plan for Your Life

Do you have a “life plan” that encompasses more than your job or profession? And what about your next vacation? One that has captured the essence of your life’s work. What will be your legacy? And where is your current career and life emphasis assisting or preventing you from being able to look back on stump removal with happiness rather than regret?

  • Balancing your Roles

Consider your various responsibilities in life: son or daughter, brother, wife or husband or partner, parent, friend, associate, employee or leader, philanthropist, athlete, and so on.

How do you now divide your time between these tasks on a weekly basis?

  • Goal Setting

Are you a goal-setter who then plans and implements what you want to accomplish this week, month, and year? In order to stay on track with your 3-5-year plan? And where does this fit into your long-term strategy? Who is holding you responsible for staying on track?

  • Visibility and Credibility 

Last but not least, how prominent and credible are you? In what do you have a reputation for being an expert?

Do you think you’d be able to pass the Key Person of Interest test? Is your network supportive of your personal and professional goals?

To assist in the creation of the path(s) that will allow you to confidently play at levels or in rooms that have previously evaded you and with the appropriate sounding board and confidence by your side, you can get there faster. Thus, an Executive Coach can help you go from Good to Great.

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