Psychology of Priming and Applications

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This image explains psychology of priming and applications.
Psychology of Priming and Applications


Priming can be explained as an occurrence where experience to one stimulus influences the reaction to a successive one. It’s one of the subconscious ways human memories work while we identify words, substances, tasks, or situations. 

Priming psychology entails activating a certain part of the brain, so you are more likely to respond to something different. Priming uses a stimulus like a word, image, or accomplishment to modify someone’s behavior.

It involves the use of a stimulus like text, pictures, or actions to change someone’s behavior. For example, you can prime someone to observe strawberries in a fruit basket by first showing them the color red.

Importance of Priming Psychology

The human brain works on recognizing patterns in things we are exposed to. The use of positive words in communication elicits good responses and vice versa. For leaders and entrepreneurs, it’s important to recognize priming can be used maliciously.

It is imperative that we use it to position people up for success. Marketers, use it all the time, to get us to buy products, try services or use a free subscription, in order to prime us to then buy the offering at a desirable price point.

In coaching, I use repetition priming, in probing to get the coachee to develop new habits, patterns of thinking, in response to stimuli that were debilitating previously. This helps them, process the response to the same event differently and overcome their mental blocks.

Applications of Priming Psychology

Positive priming produces beneficial beliefs and constructive value responses that can reduce stress, overcome depression, and enhance professional performance. 

Yogic meditation mantras are good examples of priming at work. These motivational quotations are meant to elicit positive feelings and vibes. Their function is to prime the user for positivity. In addition, using positive quotes to strengthen positive behavior can be a useful tool. 

Each time the line is repeated, the stimulus for positive thoughts works to recall positive connections, which have been made in the past.

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